Global Precision Insulation

About Us

The team behind Global Precision Insulation Ltd have over 20 years experience in the insulation sector and have completed a variety of successful projects for small, medium and multinational companies. Some of our recent clients who we have installed T-Tubes insulation for include Pfizers, ElanCo and Eli Lilly.
These years of experience in insulation and cladding, hot and cold works(steam and chilled) ensure that we will design the optimal solution for your insulation requirements.
Our installation team have the necessary skills and experience to design and complete projects regardless of size. Work completed on time and to the highest quality is our priority.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)    What is the shelf life of the insulation foam?

The shelf life of the foam is limitless.

2)    Is the foam compliant with the latest European directives?

The foam is compliant with the requirements of the European directives 2002/95/EC ('RoHS'), 2000/53/EC ('ELV'), 2003/11/EC ('WEEE') as far as the materials fall under these regulations.

3)    Are your products fire resistant?

Yes, the insulation material we use has attained the standard FM 4910 which was specifically developed to reduce the risk of fire. [...]


Welcome to Global Precision Insulation

Global Precision Insulation Ltd are an Irish based company who specialize in the distribution of Zotefoam insulation material and the manufacture of insulation products using Zotek N.  Zotek N is an innovative slimline (6.35mm thick) closed cell insulation foam, which is fast becoming the ultimate insulation of choice for the construction, engineering and air-conditioning industries, due to its exceptional range of properties.

Zotek N insulation will insulate your  environment up to temperature of  205C  and will also provide complete protection against fungal and mould growth and is chemical and fire resistant.  We can design and install an insulation solution for your company whatever your requirements or project size. We can also directly supply any quantity of Zotefoam materials.